Pronounced Ray-kee

Rei – Universal – whole of creation – All that is – spiritual and sacred

Ki – Life force energy

Ki, Qi or Chi (or prana in Hindu) is believed to be an energy that exists in all things. It is this energy that flows into and through our body in passages called meridians (nadis in Hindu). If this flow of Ki through the meridians to our organs is free and strong, we have health and vitality. If, due to mental and emotional reasons (fear, anger, frustration, depression) the Ki becomes stagnant and causes obstructions, we start to feel pain, illness and disease in the physical body. Reiki can be used to address the negative thought beliefs and by re-aligning and directing the Ki to the aura and body, the stagnation can be cleared allowing Ki to flow freely again.

There is a belief that all physical illness starts as a stagnation in the auric field, which over time, possibly months or years, if not dealt with appropriately can manifest into the physical body as pain, illness or disease. Reiki can cleanse the auric field of stagnation and cleanse the meridians for the free flow of Ki.

Reiki can be used to address the root cause of an issue rather than the secondary effect. For example, the sprained ankle that is being experienced could have a root cause of fear in moving forward in life? Or the constant throat issue as a result of a lack of expression, maybe not saying something that has to be said?

Reiki can also help relaxation, reduce stress and help with meditation, allowing the body and mind to calm and entrain the brain to a more alpha theta state for creativity and intuition.

Reiki can also be used to offer protection to the Self or to belongings and possessions. By using the Reiki symbols with intention (Second degree Reiki), it is like offering a plasma bubble of protection where no harm can be done.

Reiki is suitable for people of all ages and can also be administered to animals and pets as all have a similar subtle energy system of aura and meridians.

Reiki can strengthen the immune system, relieves pain, clears toxins, relaxes, reduces stress, strengthens intuition and promotes creativity.

There is no religious attachment to Reiki, but it can have the benefit of making you become more spiritually aware and having faith in a Divine energy